The importance of acoustics

The importance of acoustics

Why is acoustics so vital?

It is the combination of speakers and the room that is the most important factor for sound quality. With most speakers, as much as 80% of the sound in the listening position comes from reflective surfaces in the room. The reflective energy contributes to changes in areas like:

– Tonality

– Clarity and intelligibility

– Localization of instruments and vocals

Additionally, small rooms have low frequency issues like peaks, cancellations and so called ringing in the time domain. There are several ways of addresing these problems and sound & acoustics sells a variety of products that handle this in a very effective way.

sound & acoustics wants the listeners to experience the potential of the sound system/studio, and where the room is not a damaging factor. A well treated room should both have a natural ambiance and energy but at the same time have control over what has detrimental effects. Read here about acoustics for hifi, hometheater and studios. Press here for information on our acoustic products.