Radian 10CRF6430

10″ koaksialdriver med båndelement

10″ koaksial med høyfrekvent båndelement. Følsomhet på 96 dB og frekvensområde 40 Hz – 30 KHz. 100 graders konisk spredning til 1000 Hz.

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Radian 10CRF6430 kr 4555 Bånd koaksialelement

Designed for high performance applications, where ultimate sound quality, transparency and resolution is required from a highly coherent coaxial system
• planar ribbon HF with Kapton diaphragm
• very balanced response extended both in LF and HF range up to 30kHz
• precise 100° conical coverage with even pattern control down to 1000Hz
• ideal for cinema surround systems with immersive digital audio formats
• 500 W continuous program power LF
• dual aluminum demodulation rings for low
LF/MF distortion
• completely independent LF and HF magnetic systems eliminate flux modulation and related intermodulation distortion in HF range
• optional premium XO