Radian 6CRF5130-XO

Delefilter for 6CRF5130 og 6CRS5130

Designed and optimized for Radian 6CRF5130 and 6CRS5130 coaxial
drivers flush mounted. 6dB attenuation.

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Radian 6CRF5130-XO kr 940 Passivt delefilter

– Designed and optimized for Radian CRS6530 and CRS6530C coaxial drivers flush mounted in 6.5L test box with 8.3”x8.3”(210 mm x 210 mm) front baffle²
– Provides balanced reproduction for a typical on-wall or half-space (in-ceiling, in-wall) application
– Coherent acoustic integration of LF and HF frequency bands results in even coverage and balanced room power response
– Premium high voltage polypropylene capacitors, low distortion air core inductors with minimal insertion loss
– Polyswitch HF protection with – 6dB attenuation

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