Fitting Systems


Installation of RPG products

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Magnet Per stykk kr 65
Rotofast vegg/tak Paneler < 1499mm kr 155
Rotofast vegg/tak Paneler > 1500mm kr 215
Veggoppheng med pigger Paneler < 1499mm kr 125
Veggoppheng med pigger Paneler > 1500mm kr 205
Standard aluminiumslister Paneler < 1499mm kr 195
Standard aluminiumslister Paneler > 1500mm kr 245
Lavprofil aluminiumslister Paneler < 1499mm kr 165
Lavprofil aluminiumslister Paneler > 1500mm kr 215
Z bar/ L bar Paneler < 1499mm kr 270
Z bar/ L bar Paneler > 1500mm kr 325
Rotofast himling, vaier 2 m Grippple Oppheng * 4 kr 345
Rotofast himling, vaier 2 m Gripple oppheng * 6 kr 515
Rotofast himling, vaier 2 m Gripple oppheng * 8 kr 690

RPG offers several types of fitting systems. Some work best for permanent installation, others to demount in an easy way, some to flush mount to wall/ceiling and some to create an air gap behind. Additionally, the size and weight of the panel matters in the choice. Each method is tried and tested, and allows panels to be hung securely and quickly. Below, we’ve made an overview of the different alternatives

•Standard aluminium battens mounts are ideal for walls and the 158mm air gap created increases acoustic performance
•Low profile aluminium battens keep panels tight to the wall
•Z bars work well for shadow-gap installation on ceilings. Air gap is approximately 30mm.
•Gripple wire hanger sets allow adjustment of height and can take a weight of up to 8kgs per wire
•Use L Bars or Rotofast Cloud for hanging wire
•Rotofast offers flush wall or ceiling mounting, simple and quick (but not demountable)
•Neodymium magnets offer a pull rate of 9kgs per mount and allow fitting to any metal substrate or metal plates, wall or ceiling