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RPG Broadsorbor is a broad bandwidth fabric wrapped absorbing panel


For use in many areas that require acoustic control. Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and mountings.

All Broadsorbors are supplied fully wrapped with fabric front and side and backing cloth to the rear. The reinforced edge detail provides a crisp edge detail and tidy butt joints.

Prisene er i norske kroner og er inklusive moms. Frakt kommer i tillegg.

Stoff: Cara, Suede eller Expo Filt

Legg til 115 kr, eksklusiv mva, per meter for hvite farger

Størrelse (mm) 29 mm 54 mm 79 mm 104 mm
600×600 kr 840 kr 1205 kr 1470 kr 1705
1200×600 kr 1390 kr 1700 kr 2070 kr 2525
1500×600 kr 1595 kr 1945 kr 2375 kr 2895
1800×600 kr 1655 kr 2020 kr 2465 kr 3005
2400×600 kr 2000 kr 2450 kr 2985 kr 3645
3000×600 kr 2395 kr 2920 kr 3560 kr 4345
1200×800 kr 1245 kr 1720 kr 2150 kr 2670
1500×1200 kr 2200 kr 2685 kr 3275 kr 3990
1800×1200 kr 2260 kr 2755 kr 3360 kr 4100
2400×1200 kr 2735 kr 3340 kr 4070 kr 4970


Bildetrykk, pr. meter kr 630
Engangsavgift for bildetrykk kr 470

The Broadsorbor Panel consists of a multi-density, high performance acoustical core with hardened square or shaped edges and wrapped in an acoustical fabric. The Broadsorbor Panel offers the broadest and most consistent absorption coefficient available with little deviation in the performance bandwidth between 100Hz and 4000Hz, yielding a balanced NRC of 90.

Measurement comparing several 2″ products to Broadsorbor:

Read more about the development of Broadsorbor here.

Dimension and weight:
Comes in following length x width (mm):
600×600, 1200×600, 1500×600, 1800×600, 2400×600, 3000×600, 1200×800, 1200×1200, 1500×1200, 1800×1200, 2400×1200, 3000×1200

Presently only sold in 54 mm depth. 75 mm og 100 mm expected to arrive later.
Weight: 4-35 kg

May be ordered with bevelled edges for 10% extra cost. Custom sizes are available.

Fabric options:
Cara, Microsuede, Expo Felt, Lucia, Screen 66 og bildetrykk.

Can also be combined with med Rebekah Hutchinson’s design with an additional cost of 30% on top of price for panel dimension, one time image set-up cost and image printing per meter.

Spike mounts, rotofast ceiling, wall aluminum battens, wood battens, L bars or Z bars. See fitting systems for more information.