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Hifihome cinema as well as general improvements of the acoustic environment

Music Studios

Sound studios, both for recording, mixing and
 as well as sound stages for film.

Acoustics in public environments

lecture halls and worship venues and more


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News: Vera Audio P400/1000

Vera Audio has released their first amplifier. A power amplifier with high output power, extremely low distortion, and several unique functions.

News: Radian Audio Engineering

sound & acoustics is now selling Radian produkter to the Scandinavian marked. The Radian range includes among many other things high quality compression drivers, coaxial drivers and replacement membranes.

Art with acoustic properties

RPG products like Absorbor, Broadsorbor, and BAD can now be combined with artwork from Rebekah Hutchinson.

Acoustic services


We are here to provide assistance for your acoustic needs.

Custom options

Our range of RPG products offer a high degree of customisation possibilities.

Sound On Sound writes about RPG Absorbor 

The well-known audio magazine Sound On Sound has conducted tests of absorbers made from porous materials, in which RPGs Absorber did very well.