Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for products that are sold directly from the website (webstore)

1. Company
Lyd & akustikk is delivered by OMHOLT PRODUCTS & SERVICES, organisation number NO915 244 750.
Contact information
Phone number: +47-40 24 29 47
Email address: info@lydogakustikk
Legal address: Odins veg 15, 5221 Nesttun, Norway

2. Prices
All prices in the webstore in English ares shown in Norwegian kroners and is without VAT. The cart shows total cost including all expenses.

3. Payment
Payment is conducted through the payment method chosen in the cart/checkout. The customer can choose the following payment methods: OnPay and Bank Wire Transfer. By credit card payment, the amount is withdrawn when the products are shipped.

OnPay works in principle as paying at card terminal in a physical store. It’s a software that approves the account number, expiration date, the CVC control number and verifies the payment at the acquirer.

3.3 Price
The price in the cart as checkout (after address has been added) included all expenses.

4. Freight
Freight cost will be added to orders. The freight cost depends on shipping address and shipping method.

4.1 Delivery Method
We deliver with TNT, UPS and Bring.

4.2 Delivery
An order placed before 14.00 is treated the same day. Delivery time will depend on shipping address and shipping method.

4.3 Damaged Goods and Claims
When you receive the order, it’s important to check the products for damages or mistakes. If the product has been damaged, you can contac us via info@lydogakustikk.no for further instructions. You have 2 years warranty.

5. Right of Withdrawal
As a customer you have the right to withdraw from the purchase withing 14 days after receiveing the goods. The right of withdrawal kan only be used if the goods are returned in the original packaging, and is in the same state as when you received it (without damages). You have the right to open the package and test the product, but the product shall not be used otherwise. When you use the right of withdrawal you will be paying the return freight. If you use the right of withdrawal, we will repay the whole amount of the goods as soon as possible or within 12 days of receiving the goods at the latest.

6. Personal Data
In relation to an order you accept that we save and use your information. We do this to fulfill our obligations to you as a customerr . We document all communcation we have with you thrhough email to offer you the service expected by us. All personal data is kept secrete and will not be shared with a third party.

7. Contact & Support
Contact and support: info@lydogakustikk.no, Phone: +47-40 24 29 47

8. Cookies
Cookies are used to save log in or the basket while you surfe at different websites. If you browser is set to to not accept cookies, we will not be able receive orders on our website. You can change this under preferences in you web browser. Take note that we do not use cookies to save personal information about you.

9.1 Force Majeure
Circumstances that are outside of human control such as war, labour disputes, import and export regulations, changes in laws and regulations, blockade, fire, environmental accidenst, serious spread of virus or disease that hinders the parties to fullfil their obligations can deliberate one part from the obligations. Such exceptions applie on condition that the operation cannot be performed under these conditions. The other party shall immediately be notified of the circumstances of the application of this provision.

9.2 Change of Contract
After you as a customer have made a purchase, we have no right to change the terms of that purchase unless otherwise agreed.

9.3 Complaints
If you have a complaint, please contact us at info@lydogakustikk.no

9.4 Disputes and Laws
These General Terms of Sale shall be governed by the substantive law of Norway. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these General Terms of Sale, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Norwegian Arbitration Act.

Norsk lov skal gjelde for alle kjøp gjort under disse vilkårene. Tvister om kjøp under disse vilkår skal utelukkende behandles av en Norsk domstol.