2D diffuser


RPG Skyline is a diffuser based on advanced PRD mathematics. It diffuses horizontally and vertically, thus it’s a 2D diffuser. Reflections can in general be treated with absorption and diffusion. Some times diffusion is the preferred choice, as it preserves more energy and creates a larger and more spacious sound field. Skyline is a light-weight diffuser that is simple to mount in ceilings and on walls.

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Skyline comes in two depths, 150 og 120 mm. The measurements below shows the effect of the 150 mm version.

Compared to a reflector the Skyline has far better performance, yielding even diffusion even at low frequencies.

All diffusors absorb some sound as well as diffuse. This graph shows the absorption of the Skyline.

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Dimension and weight:
600 (height) x 600 (width) x 150 (depth) mm
600 (height) x 600 (width) x 120 (depth) mm
Weight: 4-6 kg

White natural or painted in any RAL colour.

Aluminium battens (see fitting systems)
Direct mounting with glue
T-profile system