Diffuser that diffuses in two planes


Conventional acoustic treatment has mainly focused on absorption for reflection control. Diffusion is another way to control reflections which preserves a more natural ambience. The RPG Omniffusor diffuses and scatters the sound into many directions. Often used in ceilings but can be wall-mounted as well.

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The RPG Omniffusor is a 2D QRD diffuser that scatters the sound uniformly into a hemisphere. In other words, both horizontally and vertically. It can be mounted both in ceiling and on walls. The product has low degree of absorption, and can also be offered with built in light aperture (Named RPG Liteffusor).

Measurement of Omniffusor (MDF):

Measurement of Omniffusor FRG (gypsum):

Dimension and weight:
600 (height) x 600 (width) x 1200 (depth) mm
Weight: 7-10 kg

The FRG version is offered in matt white, white textured or painted in any RAL colour.
Omniffusor MDF is offered in veneer or painted in RAL colour of choice.
Two versions of varnish is also available and fabric covering is another option.
FRG utgaven tilbys i matt hvit, hvit tekstur eller malt i RAL farge.

Integrated battens, wire hangers or grid mounting