High quality 1D diffuser


1D diffuser with a pleasing looking wooden finish with diffusion from 500 H. A 1D diffuser scatters the sound only in one plane and can be the preferred choice in a room with a good distance to the rear wall or in a wide room. The energy is focused in the horizontal plane where ours ears are more sensitive and creates a late arriving lateral diffusion field. The minimum distance from listening position to Modffusor should be 1.4 m, though over 2 m is better.

Prisene er i norske kroner og er inklusive moms. Frakt kommer i tillegg.

Finerbelagt MDF, Størrelse: 1200 x 600 x 230 mm

Finish Pris
Malingsklar (Kun MDF) kr 2505
Bøk kr 3710
Ask kr 3780
Eik kr 3780
Lønn kr 4005
Kirsebær kr 3935
To lag lakk kr 1020
To lag maling kr 550

Finerbelagt MDF, Størrelse: 600 x 600 x 230 mm

Finish Pris
Malingsklar (Kun MDF) kr 2040
Bøk kr 2700
Ask kr 2725
Eik kr 2725
Lønn kr 2980
Kirsebær kr 3110
To lag lakk kr 495
To lag maling kr 360

The RPG modffusor is an evolution of the classic RPG QRD diffusor. The QRD diffuser was introduced in 1983 and has been widely used in rooms all over the world. With Modffusor, RPG has enhanced the performance and created an even better diffuser with a patented model. Made from solid wood that gives minimal absorption.

The optimized performance has been accomplished by using an aperiodic model which reduces so-called lobing. This optimization is clearly shown with the use of several diffuser units next to each other, resulting in a far more even and uniform diffusion and scattering.
Modffusor also achieves diffusion somewhat lower in frequency and a diffusion coefficient/effect that is higher than the classic QRD.

The comparison below of several QRDs and Modffusors shows a solid improvement:
Modffusor vs QRD måling

Measurement of Modffusor (three units):

Random Incidence Performance Data Graph

Dimension and weight:
Modffusor comes in two sizes
1. 60 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 20 cm (depth) and weight: 11,3 kg (can vary with finishes)
2. 120 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 20 cm (depth) and weight: 22,7 kg (can vary with finishes)

Apart from veneer finishes in the list, Modffusor can also be made in custom finishes. Delivery time will usually be higher than for standard finishes. Contact us if you want a special finish.

Modffusor comes with an integrated mounting device that’s called french cleat. On the back of the diffuser there’s a detachable piece of wood with a 45 degrees cut. Simply mount this to the wall with screws on studs or use molly bolt. The Modffusor, which has the opposite 45 degrees board, is then lifted and hooked to the wooden piece on the wall.

If there’s a need to use basstraps on the wall behind the diffusers, we recommend placing the Modffusor on a bench or similar with sturdy legs or wheels.

The optimized height will usually be where the middle of the diffusers are aligned with the ears.