High quality broadband 1D diffuser


High-end 2D diffuser

While the Modffusor is a development of the QRD diffuser, the RPG Modffractal is an evolution of the Diffractal diffuser. This makes Modffractal a broadband diffuser with effect all the way up till 20000 Hz and with an improved performance. Made in solid wood material that gives minimal absorption.

The improved performance over the classic Diffractal has been achieved by an aperiodic sequence, which reduces so-called lobing effect. This improvement increases with the use of a greater number of diffusor units and the result is a considerable more constant and even diffusion and scattering. RPG has also accomplished diffusion somewhat lower in frequency with same depth, and a diffusion coefficient/effect higher than what Diffractal had.

Combined with the fractal design, one will experience a broadband and very uniform diffusion.

Random Incidence Performance Data (Custom)

Dimension and weight:
Modffractal comes in two sizes

60 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 21.5 cm (depth) and weight is maximum 13,6 kg (will vary with finishes)

120 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 21.5 cm (depth) and weight is maximum 27,2 kg (will vary with finishes)

MDF and veneer.
The MDF version can be painted. Veneer versions can be delivered with varnish. See prices.

Besides the finishes in the list above, it’s possible to order Modffractal in custom finishes. Delivery time will usually be higher compared to standard finishes. Contact us for special finishes.

Modffractal comes with an integrated mounting device that’s called french cleat. On the back of the diffuser there’s a one detachable piece of wood with 45 degrees cut. Simply mount this to the wall with screws on studs or use molly bolt. The Modffractal, which has the opposite 45 degrees board, is then lifted and hooked to the wooden piece on the wall.

If there’s a need to use basstraps on the wall behind the diffusers, we recommend to place Modffractal on a bench or similar with either legs or wheels.