Hybrid absorber and diffuser with improved diffusing performance with curved surface

RPG BAD panels combine absorption with diffusion and scattering. The curved shape increases the diffusion and performance further.

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Traditional absorbent panels absorbs all the way to the highest frequencies, which may in certain applications lead to an overly dead and dry acoustic environment. The BAD Arc performs on the other hand a diffusion starting at around 800 Hz and will therefore remain ambiance and energy to a greater degree. In addition, they give higher absorption than regular absorbents. BAD Arc use an optimal binary pattern of perforations through a class A fire rated rigid template. The result is an excellent balance between sound absorption and diffusion and scattering, which gives an alternative to traditional purely absorptive fabric wrapped panels.

Compared to the flat BAD panel, BAD Arc has a better performance. The curved shaped makes the reflective areas not being in phase with each other, and thus giving an higher diffusion effect. See graph.


Absorption graph:


Comes in the following sizes in width x height (mm):
600×600, 1200×600, 1500×600, 1800×600, 2400×600, 3000×600, 1200×800, 1200×1200, 1500×1200, 1800×1200, 2400×1200, 3000×1200

Depths: 105mm, 155mm and 205mm.

Custom sizes can be delivered on request

BAD Arc may be mounted in several ways:
Impalet, Rotofast ceiling and wall, aluminium battens, wood battens and L bars, Z bars.