Acoustic Screens

Moveable acoustic device that either only absorbs or gives a combination of absorption and diffusion


RPGs Acoustic Screens are very versatile products, lightweight and easy to move. They come in different thicknesses, sizes and with several different acoustic and visual options. It’s a product that’s excellent for offices, schools, recording studios, vocal booths, mastering rooms, home theaters, music practice rooms, show exhibitions and other places where a moveable acoustic device is needed.

Prisene er i norske kroner og er inklusive moms. Frakt kommer i tillegg.

Størrelse (mm) 25mm 25mm A/B
1200 x 1200 kr 2500 kr 2770
1500 x 1200 kr 3075 kr 3395
1800 x 1200 kr 3335 kr 3720
2400 x 1200 kr 4180 kr 4695
Størrelse (mm) 50mm 50mm A/B
1200 x 1200 kr 2555 kr 2900
1500 x 1200 kr 3210 kr 3745
1800 x 1200 kr 3805 kr 4455
2400 x 1200 kr 4790 kr 5610
Størrelse (mm) 75mm A/B 1000mm
1200 x 1200 kr 4060 kr 4655
1500 x 1200 kr 5245 kr 5840
1800 x 1200 kr 6240 kr 6835
2400 x 1200 kr 7855 kr 8455


Stolper kr 675
Føtter og hjul, per par kr 440
Vindu panel kr 1015

The Acoustic Screens can either be delivered as single with only absorption on one side or as double (A/B) with absorption on one side and a combination of diffusion and absorption one the other side (BAD panel). By choosing the A/B version one can change the acoustic performances and create the acoustics environment that is desired. In many places, like for instance studios, music practice rooms and for a vocal booth, this is a great benefit.
Skylines can also be mounted to Acoustic Screen for added diffusion.

The acoustic effect depends on the size and thickness. The Absorbor shows the absorption performance and BAD panels show the performance of the other side of the A/B version.
By placing the Acoustic Screen out from the wall, absorption lower in frequency is achieved.

Sold with wheels or stand.

Dimension and weight:
Height x width:
1200 x 1200, 1800 x 1200, 2400 x 1200 mm
Thicknesses: 25, 50 og 75 mm

Single or double (A/B)

Weight: 10-35 kg

Different fabric options, print image and as vision panels.

Freestanding on stands or wheels.