Web based acoustic advisory service

Web based acoustic advisory service

We offer acoustic guidance via email. While we give some general advices in regards products we sell, there can be a need for a more in depth follow up. This could involve assistance with finding the best placement for speakers and seating position, choosing type of treatment and where to place them, interpreting measurements, localizing room modes or implementing an acoustical design principle with certain goals. It’s beneficial if the customer can measure and send us the measuring file but not a requirement. However, for localizing room modes and treating these; it’s necessary. We recommend using the free software REW.


Hifi/home theater rooms:

  • One week (6 days) with the purchase of acoustic products we sell (RPG and Arithmetic): 3000 NOK – can be renewed for the same cost
  • One week (6 days) with guidance in building you own acoustic products : 5000 NOK – can be renewed for the same cost
    Guidance in building acoustic treatment does not involve diffusers and pressure based traps as these are generally not compatible to quality commercial products and can often have deviations in performance.

If there’s a need for guidance over a longer period of time (months) it’s possible to agree about a set price.

Design of studios/recording venues:

Price from 8000 NOK depending on type of room and how long it’s anticipated to take. We have insight of different acoustical principles including training in the LEDE and RFZ designs directly from those who developed those. Much of what written online about these principle are often partially misunderstandings and only information about how the principles started and not what they involved into. The name LEDE, which is short of live and dead end, is actually a quite misleading name because it developed over the years with new tools and new understanding.