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Hifihome theater as well as general improvements of the acoustic environment.

Music Studios

Sound studios, both for recordingmixing and
 as well as sound stages for movies.

Acoustics in public environments

lecture halls and worship venues 
and more.


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News: Vera Audio P400/1000

Vera Audio has released their first amplifier. A power amplifier with high output power, extremely low distortion, and several unique functions.

News: BAD Expo

BAD Expo er nytt produkt fra RPG. Det er et BAD panel uten stoff foran. Kun panelet i tre med det patenterte hullmønsteret som gir diffusjon og som kommer i mange finisher. Kan kombineres med glava bak slik at han får demping i tillegg til diffusjon.

News: Thicker Broadsorbor

Broadsorbor from RPG is now also offered in thicknesses 79 mm og 104 mm. Broadsorbor is and absorber which absorps lower in frequency compared to traditional absorbers.


Products from RPG like Absorbor, Broadsorbor, and BAD products can now be combined with art by Rebekah Hutchinson.

RPG Absorbor in Sound On Sound

The well-known audio magazine Sound On Sound has conducted tests of absorbers made from porous materials, in which RPGs Absorber did very well.


Design fabric by Anna Gravelle

Absorbor, Absorbor Baffle, 3D Cube and BAD Panel can now be delivered with special fabrics, designed by Anna Gravelle.