About us


We are passionate about sound and music and want more people to enjoy a great listening experience.

Bjørn Omholt has his background in high end audio and home theater and has an attention to detail in designing speakers and treating rooms for audio issues. He is also a member of several organizations linked to scientific research within acoustics and psychoacoustics and is a fervent believer in having a scientific base for making sound audio decisions.

Sveinung Nygaard is a composer and audio engineer working from his own studio with long experience in recording and mixing. He has an MA in Audio Productions from University of Westminster in London and is working internationally as a composer for film and television and has worked on projects involving varied sizes of ensembles, from full orchestra to solo instruments.

Together we have a broad background and a deep fascination for sound that permeates what we do. Our products are all intended to help people improve their listening experience across a wide range of scenarios.

Particularly, we have been focusing on the relationship and integration of speakers in a room. Getting to your audio goal can seem like a narrow and difficult path, but we believe this can be done more easily applying the right knowledge. Often the aspect of acoustic treatment is overlooked in favour of electrical equipement and we wish to address this imbalance. Improving the acoustic behaviour of a room will in many cases have a dramatic impact for the good, much more than changing the actual sound producing gear.

sound & acoustics have chosen a fairly narrow range of products and they have been carefully chosen. All our products have characteristics supported by solid scientific measurements and we solely work with suppliers that work to high standards and deliver solutions that we have great confidence in.

Our main objective is efficient solutions for our customers, and we are cutting costs by reducing the amount of stock we hold. In almost all cases, we deliver bespoke solutions based on a dialogue with the customer.

As we continue to grow, we will add our own product lines to what we sell. These will be very exciting products across a wide range and we are very much looking forward to sharing our ideas with the audio community. We are working with top designers to develop these products.

Our website will be growing with insights based on research. Feel free to browse and pick up some valuable knowledge! If you have any questions or are looking for specific advice, please get in touch. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on what we are doing.

Wishing you a terrific listening experience!
Bjørn and Sveinung

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